About us


As the name suggests, T-SAMS and Partners is a registered Ghanaian private-owned aluminum business which has a focus on providing excellent services but not limited to glazed aluminum glass doors and windows, UPVC doors and windows, wall cladding, Office partitioning, balustrade, curtain walls and burglary proof doors and windows.


After 13 years of serving Ghanaians and Africans with creative, reliable, affordable and convenient construction products and services, our understanding of diversified aluminum construction and trading is profound.


T-SAMS began as an aluminum contractor in 2004. Over the years, the enterprise has gained prominence on the Ghanaian market and beyond, undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills, know-how and experiences in designs, project management services and related engineering works due to the quality of work, swift response to service and outstanding customer relations.


Today, T-SAMS and Partners takes on the role of delivering to customers, innovative construction and in an exceptional manner across our branches and growing the next generation of African businesses through our creative and affordable products and services provided by our professional employees.


This background is the foundation of our business philosophy, service delivery, innovation, and our approach to customer service. We consistently aim at ensuring that at any time and place, every customer experience will be superior. T-SAMS with this fundamental ideology seeks to be a global brand in providing high quality, relevant, timely and reliable services to supply the ever-growing market for aluminum construction services.






Core value


Excellent performance calls for focus and dedication. Our core values highlight our method to providing customers with the best aluminum construction products and services through innovative and exceptional service and hence remind us of what is important. These core values revolve around five key words that wherever in the world it operates, T-SAMS takes must measure up to. These words are Integrity, Innovation, Service Excellence, Teamwork and Accountability.





Tel: +233 (0) 244461436 / +233 (0) 264461436

E-mail: tsamsaluminium@gmail.com